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Preventative Maintenance on your Home HVAC System

hvac-preventative-maintenanceYour home Heating and Cooling Equipment is no different than your car or any other mechanical device and it requires routine service. In fact, most manufacturers require proof of annual HVAC System maintenance, in order for your warranty claims to be honored and remain intact!

B&E AC and Heating makes preventative maintenance easy, with convenient payment plans for our Peak Performance Service Agreement customers in the Charlotte NC area. Prices apply to residential systems only.

Residential Service Agreement Payment Options

  • (1) System PPSA, $189 Annually or $17.00 per month
  • (2) System PPSA, $283.50 Annually or $25.00 per month
  • (3) System PPSA, $378 Annually or $33.00 per month
  • (4) System PPSA,  $472.50 Annually or $41.00 per month

*Accessories like Humidifers, Clean Air Effects, Filters etc, will result in additional charges.

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HVAC Maintenance Prevents Costly Repairs BEFORE They Happen!

Did you know that routine maintenance is required on your heating and air conditioning system? Our PPSA service technicians will visit your home twice a year and check the vitals of your heating or cooling systems. During each visit, they will bring your system to it’s peak operating efficiency!

In addition to the peace of mind you get when you know your system is running at it’s highest efficiency, being a B&E Scheduled Peak Performance Customer assures you PRIORITY Service Dispatch in the event that you need service! We know you have a choice when it comes to your HVAC Service provider in Charlotte, we want that choice to be us!

Air Conditioner Peak Performance Service

  • Condenser and Evaporator Coils inspected.
  • Outdoor Condensing Unit washed and rinsed with environmentally safe cleaning solution.
  • Motor, Blower, wheels, fans, etc.. cleaned and inspected for proper operation.
  • Refrigerant charge checked with Superheat/Sub-cooling Method.
  • Air Filter inspected and replaced at your request.
  • Lubrication of all moving parts.
  • Inspection of all electronic switches, thermostat, relays and components.
  • Inspection of Ductwork for leaks and buildup.

Gas Furnace or Heat Pump Peak Performance Service

  • Defrost Timer checked for proper operation.
  • Reversing Valve cycled.
  • Auxiliary heat strips called on, to make sure they work.
  • Heat exchanger and Burners inspected for cracks or leaks.
  • Pilot light, and all gas lines inspected for leaks.
  • ALL Safety controls checked for functionality
  • Flue pipe checked for corrosion and leaks
  • Secure all panels and make sure unit is tightly sealed as needed.