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Heat Pump Repair in the Charlotte Area

heat-pump-repairHeat pump maintenance is important and small problems that are not addressed early can lead to very expensive repairs later. Since repairing a heat pump is more detailed and technical than repairing a standard air conditioner, heat pump repair is best left to the professional service technicians at B&E.

From the heat pump not working at all, to ice buildup on the outdoor unit… there are a large number of factors that could have led to the heat pump not working properly. The last thing we want our customers doing is trying to learn how to repair a heat pump, when the family is cold inside! Call or Contact Us now to repair your heat pump!

Common Things You Can Check when Your Heat Pump Fails

Thermostat –

If your heat pump will not turn on at all, check to see that the thermostat is calling for heat. You should set the temperature higher than the current temp, and make sure it is in Heat mode.

Power Supply

If your thermostat is calling for heat yet still nothing happens, this is when you should check for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. If the circuit was tripped, reset it to the on setting. If it immediately trips back off, you need to Call or Contact Us to inspect your heat pump.

Ice On Outdoor Unit

If your outdoor heat pump condenser is covered in ice, literally, you need to shut it off immediately and allow it to thaw out. While waiting for it to thaw, check your filters to be sure they are not restricting airflow. Once the ice is gone from the unit you can turn it back on to see if resumes heating. If not, shut it right back off and Call or Contact Us to repair the heat pump.