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Fall Heating System Repair and Checkup Time!

Fall is approaching Charlotte. The leaves will be changing and football is in the air. Fall is also the time of year that your gas furnace will come on a 5am to break the morning chill and the air conditioner will be needed by noon when the temps rise above 80 degrees!

B&E has a programmable thermostat that will automatically change from heat to cool within 2 degrees! To you, that means you no longer have to worry about coming from work in the afternoon to be reminded you left the heat on! The thermostat will take care of maintaining the right temp, all the time!

Gas Furnace & Heating System Tune Up Season!

Fall also means that it’s time for the furnace or heating system in your home to have a good fall cleaning!  While there are some basic things you can easily do yourself, like change the HVAC filter each month and changing batteries in the CO detector, there are many parts of the heating system that need to be looked at by a Pro! That’s where the Service Department at B&E comes to your rescue!

Heating System Peak Performance

Before you turn on the furnace call us to have a heating check up or better yet, look into one of our PPSA plans. (Peak Performance Service Agreement) An annual maintenance plan will keep your heating and cooling system operating at its Factory Peak settings all year round.  This will help keep your utility bills lower and your home safe and comfortable.

PPSA Customers Enjoy the Following Benefits:

  • 2 to 4 Annual Maintenance Visits (Depends  on system)
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Heating and Cooling System last Longer before Needing Replacement
  • Manufacturers Warranty Never Questioned due to lack of Maintenance
  • Priority Dispatch if the System Needs Repair Service

What Can You Do Today?

Waiting until you need heat is not the way to test your heating system! Now, when the temps are still mild is the time to test the heating system yourself.

Turn on the system for 10 minutes and check to see if the supply vents are blowing warm air. You will probably smell the dust burning off the heat exchanger if you have a gas furnace. If you have a CO detector that shows the PPM reading, check it during this time! By all means, if it goes off, immediately turn off the furnace, open several doors and windows to vent the home and call us!

Call Lisa a t B&E for your heating check up. Lisa can email you a check list of our service we perform or get you on our dispatch board for the fall heating check.

Now is the time to Call B&E for your Fall Heating System Checkup!
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